Mage: the Dark Ages

Dark incidents at Hannover

Our party begins at Castle Hammaburg where Henry IV throws a celebration for the Unsterblichen thanking them for the return of the bones of Henry III, the overthrow of the corrupt Archbishop of Bodfeld, the rescue of Agnes and Pope Nocholas II, the toppling of the Duke of Reinfelden, and the revealing of the corruption of Count Adelbert.

At this party, Jonas runs afoul of Lord Valefor of the Lords in White Capes. After meeting the Consilium of Hamburg and Heirarch Sigmund the Ancient, Jonas and Valefor battle in the Dual Arcane in which Valefor proved Jonas to have spoken against the Consilium and the Lords in White Capes.

Henry IV wishes to confront Pope Alexander II in Rome, and so the party departs on a long journey South, wherein Henry will gather fealty from his vassals along the way.

First stop is in Hannover where Duke Lunstol stalls the party from meeting Archbishop Ruthvolt until nightfall. Odd things are at play here as a group of Hunters are residing at the Star Bright Pub, and a young boy named Unther Gustavson performs miracles of healing at the town square. Rowan d’Barge gives wealth to Unther so he can attend learnings from the Vatican in Rome.

During the evening feast, our party believes that the Archbishop and his 3 priests are Vampires, but before they can act, the Hunters strike. Chaos erupts, and the Hunters are taken out. After some interrogations by Seivana, the truth of the Archbishops Vampire nature is reviewed. In a crafty assault of force and Teleportation, he is destroyed in the sunlight.

Henry applauds the efforts of this corruption and named his own Archbishop, a move that will influence the centuries to follow in what is called the “Investiture Controversy”.

The next stop for our party is Nuremberg, where they have had some less than favorable run ins with the local Consilium…


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