Mage: the Dark Ages

From Humble Beginnings to a Call to Arms

Your party has been called to Hamburg, each of you requested by Anno the Just to serve Henry IV, a position that gains you both worldly prestige, and the chance to learn from one of the most Notable Mages around.

The King rules out of Hammaburg Castle, whilst you station at Castle Bergedorf. Anno introduces your Cabal. You must come together to create your Knightly Purpose (mission statement), Coat of Arms, and Name. Each of you are assigned a squire, and training with Anno or Rechbercht begins. You learn much, though these days are long and hard. Some find their way into the city pubs at night, others into brothers, some into the Librum, and yet others to the Cathedral.

Once ready you will be welcomed at Court. However tragedy strikes! It seems as though Adelbert has kidnapped Empress Agnes. Henry and Anno will try diplomacy, while your party will move in secret to seek the truth, and if possible, rescue Agnes…


lordbaccus lordbaccus

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