Mage: the Dark Ages

The Mummy of Munich

Our party begins by traveling from Nuremberg to Munich. In Munich the city seems to flow with life, and people seem happy and seem to live to a very old age. The duchess Esmerelda is in fact a mummy, and Jonas spends much time picking her brain. It also appears as through there is no Bishop in the city.

After some investigation it is also discovered that a Vampire lord named Lathan dwells here at the Castle Sanguine.

Our party also is called out by the Knights of the Olive Branch, in which the dwarf Heinrich the Fierce battles their Champion. Even with the aid of Jonas’ space wards Heinrich barely escapes with his life.

At a later feast Henry IV sees all the power players, and our party decided to just leave things as they are.

Back at camp, a Promethean named Gesseppi and his Qashmallim Aid Ken’el mess around with Seivana’s revenant. Ever one to jump into the fray, Seivana attacks and Ken’el nearly decimates her before Archbishop Rowan d’Barge intervenes.

The camp pulls up and makes way to Lichtenstein where strange “Wyrd” things are at play…


lordbaccus lordbaccus

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