Mage: the Dark Ages

The Unsterblichen Ride!!!

Our party gathers at Bergedorf Castle in Hamburg where Rechbercht puts them through trials of blade, the Duel Arcane, and mob warfare. They are introduced to their squires, then name themselves the Unsterblichten, the Inmortals. They choose the serpent eating its tail in gold upon a red standard, and the motto of exceeding cruelty.

They then meet Henry IV and he knights all of them. They then are charged with helping Henry secure the title of Holy Roman Emperor. The first task is to collect the body of Henry III from Bodfeld.

Off to Bodfeld where they learn that Bishop Bastionne has executed Duke Thalen. The Bishop is an Obrimos who has partnered with a Ventrue. Our party works with Neiman the Wolf, and the rebels of the woods to go to war with the Bishop and the Knights of the Bloody Cross. With some space magic our party teleports into the Ageltherp Abbey basement and has at the guards and slumbering Ventrue. After much conflict they destroy the vampire. Above they encounter Vasix the Ghoul and the Bishop. Rowan d’Barge undermines every move of the Bishop, and Jonas convinces Sir Marcus of the Bloody Cross to join their cause. Finally all is well in Bodfeld, and with the body they place Henry III to rest in Speyer.

From Speyer they travel to Nuremberg where they make a deal with Yosef Ben Sael to off their jewels in exchange for Gold Marks. They also encounter the Mage Consilium of Nuremberg that is at odds with the Hamburg mages.

Henry charges the party with reclaiming his mother Agnes from Reinfelden in The Swiss Alps. After much distraction they overthrow Duke Randolph and claim Agnes and her daughter Matilda, along with someone who appears to be an aged Pope Nicholas II.

Henry is most pleased, and it comes to light that Adelbert is planning a coup. Our party must now make the long journey to Rome to confront Pope Alexander II…


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