Mage: the Dark Ages

The Wyrd of Lichtenstein

Our party starts out in Lichtenstein where is strange things are afoot. The Duke Walther has allowed an ancient pagan order take over the Vatican holdings. The queen of the bleeding heart runs the Augustine chapel. Our party explores the Queen and the orgy that takes place outside and in the Square. A group of troubadours graces the Duke and the crowd with whimsical music. The queen confronts our party and they see that she is a powerful Gentry Lord so they flee.

Next it’s off to Milan where they see that the Duke Tolio has a massive amount of faith and that ArchBishop Francis II is filled with true faith. There is evidence of the God machine everywhere and the mages hide in the astral plane based at the San Dontalli fountain. They meet the mages and see that they are very powerful. So Henry three makes the Duke bend the knee and our party makes for Florcence.

After Florence king Henry will meet the pope and attempt to usurp him.


lordbaccus lordbaccus

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