Geremia D'Acosta

Seivana's Colleague/Lover/Hedge Mage


Age: 24
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: Italian
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 190lb.
Eyes: Pale Blue
Hair: Black
Sex: Male

Geremia is quite attractive and appears the perfect noble. He is very clean cut and extremely charismatic. His humor tends towards the irreverent. He is quite muscular and is regarded by both women and men as desirable


Geremia D’Amico is the son of a nobleman in Rome. His families fortune was amassed by a very successful merchant shipping operation, bringing goods from the east. Geremia or Jeremy, as Seivana calls him, is a reputable noble of Rome. He is welcomed by all at court and is known for his dramatic flair and irreverent humor. Jeremy has always held a strong fascination with science and medicine, even as a child. His education was pointedly focused on science and religion, but Jeremy was always more interested in science and medicine. He worked closely with the clergy in the hospitals during outbreaks of disease or helping with injuries during war. Jeremy wasn’t a follower of religious teachings. He clung to the old ways of treating disease and treating wounds. He, of course, helped those with serious injuries in secret, because the church believed disease and injury to be the will of God. Jeremy had a different opinion and sought out new and old ways to treat peoples illness and injuries. Being a Lord of the King and future Emperor of Rome, Seivana is in close contact with the Sisters of Mercy and the hospitals within the clergy. When Seivana met Jeremy, she noticed a shared passion in him and they became very close friends. Seivana has finally found a colleague. There are rumors that Jeremy is more than a friend and colleague to Seivana—these rumors are unfounded as of yet.

Geremia D'Acosta

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