Seivana die Todestritter "Death Knight"

Moros Guardian of the Veil


Real Name: Bettina Rauschenberg
Age: 20
Apparent Age: 17
Date of Birth: 1048 AD
Age of Awakening: 17
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Grey
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: Germanic
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 140lb.
Sex: female

Seivana is quite tall for a female. She is attractive but always carries a look of foreboding.


Bettina Rauschenberg was born in a small village in eastern Germany called Bad Dobären. Her parents were the local bakers and life was pretty much laid out for her to take over the business. She would carry on the good name of Rauschenberg, however, Bettina had other ideas for her future which did not include baking bread and pastries for a small village. From a very early age, Bettina was fascinated with death. Where do our spirits go in the afterlife? What hidden wonders do corpses and ghosts have to offer? What mysteries are held in unlocking the secrets of death?

At the very young age of twelve, Bettina became friends with the towns midwife, Mathilde Lampadius (Thyrsus healer,) who noticed how bright she was and began her instruction in reading and writing. Bettina was eager to learn, and she was soaking it all in like a sponge. She learned how to read in less than a year, and Mathilde knew when to push her.

On her 17th birthday, Bettina started to feel very strange about the world around her. She was having repetitive dreams about ghosts visiting her in the night. They would beg her to come with them into a veiled world of shade. She felt them pulling her towards a strange tower that pulsed with what looked like black smoking flames. She didn’t shrink from this ominous looking tower. She opened her palm and touched the firm stone. She felt the low tremor within that pulsed like a beating heart. She saw her name written deep in the stone, which she knew had unlocked her new vision of this place. There were hundreds upon hundreds of clamoring ghosts with outstretched billowing tendrils of smoke that seemed to penetrate Bettina in every direction.

She was roused by a gentle hand on her forehead. Mathilde said to her, “You have awakened to a new world of magic, and your life will be forever altered from this day forward. Choose your path wisely or you will join those ghosts surrounding the tower.”

Mathilde knew Bettina was following the Moros path, which was the polar opposite of her own. She knew that her path would be dark and lonely, unless she was focused by some driving need. Mathilde didn’t want to see her fall into a path that would lead her to do evil things in the world. She wanted a noble course that would earn her respect and position in the world. Bettina would have to assume a new name and identity. She would find her fortune and ultimately her life ambition on this new road of magic…


The Guardians of the Veil had been spying on Mathilde for quite some time, and they knew this new pupil would be a perfect candidate to recruit into the ranks. Bettina would later be approached by the order and accept introduction into the secretive world of the masked keepers of secrets.


The Guardians of the Veil have infiltrated the Vatican and usually take roles as priests for this very purpose. Being a woman, Seivana hides in the ranks of the Sisters of Mercy. This is definitely an irony of sorts for her, being Moros doesn’t usually provide charity for the poor and tending to the wounded or sick. Seivana will perform her duties well for the GotV.


Seivana die Todestritter "Death Knight"

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