Sybil Arondak

Servant to Jonas/Hedge Mage


Sybil is a vision of grace and discretion. Her modesty disguises her extreme intellect.

Servants are unobtrusive and able to wander areas where nobles or soldiers would be noted. Sybil is a master of using her unobtrusiveness to walk into and and out of secure areas while staying practically invisible. She knows when to listen and what facts might be relevant.

Sybil has shown talent in the mystical arts though not with space like Jonas. She seems more attuned to Life and if she were to fully awaken it is likely healing would be her primary art. Even without knowing how she does it, Sybil is excellent at providing battlefield care and healing arts.

Sybil has absolute fealty to Jonas. Some say there might be some extracurricular elements to their relationship…


Sybil Arondak

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