Guild: Cabal of Pure Thought

The Zealots

These are Catholic Priests who use their magics as an act of service to the Lord Jesus Christ and seek to liberate the holy lands from the infidels who occupy them.

Status Levels:
1. Mage of Truth: this Mage is so attuned to their faith that they Manifest a True Faith equal to their Resolve score. This adds to any resistance roll in which their Gnosis is added in addition to other True Faith situations.

2. Mage of Purity: the Mage is as pure as their Lord and can no longer be poisoned or catch a disease. This helps them bless and heal the downtrodden. If they meditate on their Lord for 30 minutes when they awaken, they receive +1 on all rolls in which they can mention their Lord.

3. Mage of Penance: the Mage can learn to be a martyr as their Lord was. The Mage can touch and take wounds or disease from others into themselves. If taking wounds, the Mage can meditate for 30 minutes and convert the wounds to Mana on a (Composure + Resolve) roll.

4. The Shepard Mage: the blind seeth not, the Mage can now influence others with their words. They receive a +3 to social rolls, they also can use social powers on supernatural creatures without the victim of such social powers receiving bonus resistance dice from Gnosis (or equivalent).

5. Mage of Pure Thought: there are demons out there, and the Mage is ready to confront them. At this level a Mage can make a magical attack and a physical attack with their same turn. They truly are a paladin of the Faith.

Guild: Cabal of Pure Thought

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