Guild: High Artisans



These crafters of items seek to not just Inview items or make enchanted items or relics, but to create artifacts of great power like in the times of legend. They convene at secret smitheries called Atlantean forges. It is said they are governed by an ancient Atlantean Mage called simply “The Crafter”.


Status Level:
1. Steward of the Forge: allowed access to the forge and common metals, +3 and 1/2 time to craft an enchanted item or relic.

2. Wandering Smith: granted a familiar that assists in all crafting and smithing that grants a +2 to enchantment or crafting related rolls and can find rare metals in a 500 yard area.

3. Grand Enchanter: a team of 7 is granted to the Artisan, they travel with his mobile forge that effects the same as level 1, along with being able to take an existing enchanted item and adding 1 degree to it, wether that is spell level, durability, or potency (their choice). This can only be done once per item.

4. Atlantan Artificer: this Mage has mastered enchanting items to such a degree that if he scrutinizes any spell he can place it in an enchanted item even if he does not know the spell himself.

5. Crater of Legend: this Mage can create items with Arcanum Level 6 rotes in them (for the cost of 1 permanent willpower), as long as he has at least 3 dots in the Arcanum field.

Guild: High Artisans

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