Guild: Hippocratcic Circle



These Mages are the healers and doctors of the world and they are also those that push evolution to the forefront. Founded by the mighty mage Cosian of the Thyrsus, these mages seek immortality and Godhood.


Status Levels:
1. Physician: the Mage can accurately diagnose what issue plagues a subject without roll (not supernatural). Once this is done the Mage can grant a victim one of their temporary Willpower points to heal them, or drain the victims temporary willpower refilling their own and send them further down the dark road they travel.

2. The necromancer: the Mage can command the undead to great degree, or to command a twilight spirit. The Mage is granted a bonus to rolls pertaining to the undead and spirits of their Composure. The Guild also grants the Mage a traveling lab in covered cart and 2 hedge Mage assistants.

3. The Barbur: the Mage is studied in anatomy and blood, and is much more lethal. Any combat roll against a foe (melee or mystical) of +2. Along with this the Mage is gifted with the Dirk of Shifting Metals. (Str + 1), and can shift to (sunstone, silver, or iron). Most do Agro to supernatural beings.

4. The Cosian: the Mage is attuned to the fluctuations within themself and can transmute their internal forces back and forth (with the following chart):
Willpower: 3 mana or 2 health
Health: 3 mana or 2 willpower
Mana: 1 Health or 1 willpower
Note: these are instant actions NOT reflexive

5. The Walking Lich: the Mage can now transmute the internal forces of another. By performing the ritual of Sanguine Sacrifice (life/death + Gnosis), the Mage drains the life force of another (health & willpower) into themselves and is granted 6 months of immortality. The victim must be unconscious to perform this 3 hour ritual.

Guild: Hippocratcic Circle

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