Guild: ksirifai



These are the assassins and shadows of the Mage world, stopping all threats that come their way. In reality this means they can be hired to take out mages by sentinels and can act without fear of reprocusdion. Corruption to these rules is frequent, but fear of retaliation keeps most Consilium from moving against them. It is said they cross the veil of the abyss to learn the dark arts of the Scelesti without losing themselves to the darkness.


Status Levels:
1. The Shadow: the Mage can move unseen in darkness. If there is shadow, the Mage gains +5 to stealth rolls. The Mage is gifted with night sight as well, seeing in all but mystically induced darkness.

2. The Blade: the Mage can pull abyss through their hands crafting a blade that does (str + 3 Agro), the blade is ethereal but can hit both physical and ethereal beings. The blade retreats back into the body of the Mage and leaves an indescribable wound on the victim.

3. The Predator: the Mage can touch an object of the target and knows their location, and see luminescent footsteps of the path they’ve travelled recently. If using Sympethetic Magic this grants a +3 to rolls.

4. The Greyman: the Mage is almost unseen as they are do unremarkable that people discount them. This grants the following abilities:
Occultation 3
+3 to stealth rolls
-5 for witnesses to recall details of an assailant
The Mage also gains 3 underlings to assist in dealings

5. Ksifirai: the Mage is a wielder of the abyss. They are no longer affected by paradox, and they can walk in the abyss twilight (instant action, 1 mana). They can wield the abyss as an improvised spell (abyss rating = highest arcanum + Gnosis, 1 mana). Abyss is aggravated damage and mages present roll (composure + resolve) or flee in terror.

Guild: ksirifai

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