Guild: The High Guild

Grand Financiers

These mages seek to control the wealth and merchantry of the world. Powerful Wards and Rotes smite violators. The Guild debates the origins of such spells, but legend says the Atlantian Mage named Midas watches over the Guild and attacks dissenters.

Status Levels:
1. Master of Trade: the Mage has control over the trade of his city. All must pay him his 5-10% tithe lest the Wards of the Guild smite the violators.

2. Master of Coin: the Mage controls the gold and coin of a region. The Dukes of the region the Mage oversees must turn over 20% of their tax revenue to the Mage. The Mage is also granted 3 educated money counters and 10 well trained enforcers/collectors.

3. Master of Commerce: the Mage can meditate and create trade routes to new lands that motivate merchants to travel them for pockets of new income. The Mage rolls 1 dice per session and if it is a 10 a traveling merchant brings them a rare enchanted item from distant lands.

4. The Gold Seer: the Mage can see metals and minerals in the Earth. If he performs a ritual of appreciation to the Guild, Earth elemental arrive and bring the metals to the Mage. If the metals are rare or precious and the Mage gives them as a gift to the elementals, they will then do the bidding of he Mage for 24 hours. 2d24 elementals wil arrive and they are twilight beings.


Guild: The High Guild

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