Mage Guilds of the Holy Roman Empire


Sigmund the Ancient has a plan to bring an Age of Enlightenment back to the Mages. He wants to create several Mage Guilds for this purpose. They are:

High-Artisans (Artificers): these crafters of items will seek to not just imbue items or make enchanted items or relics, but to create Artifacts of great power like in the times of Legend.

Cabal of Pure Thought: priests that seek to use their Magics in an act of service to Jesus Christ and liberate the Holy Lands from the Infidels who occupy them.

Celestial Masters: these Mages seek to Divine the future and the past by investigating the most remote reaches of the Astral Realms and Shadow Realm.

craftmasons: these mages will make Hallows into grand temples and places of worship to last through the Ages and be marvels of the modern world.

High Guild (grand financiers): mages who seek to control the wealth and merchanty of the world.

Hippocratic Circle (cosians): healers of the world, doctors, and those who experiment or push evolution to the forefront.

Ksirafai: these are the assassins and shadows of the Mage world, and stop all threats of any nature that arise.

Void Seekers (summoners): these mages find entities in the hidden corners of the Astral and Abyss and bring them into the world to do their bidding.


Mage Guilds of the Holy Roman Empire

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