Orders of the 11th Century

Where most Mage orders set up in larger cities


The Mysterium: Carthusian Monestaries: outside of most large cities one can find a Carthusian Monestary. These quiet monks don’t enter into politics and so the Mysterium uses them as hide outs and Librums. Mysterium Mages need only to find the Carthusian Monestary to find their Librum.

The Guardians of the Veil: the Guardians almost always police other Mages from going crazy from within the political confines of the Vatican. In any city, a Mage simply finds a Cathedral with a statue of Man in the Iron Mask with a noose about his neck.

The Free Council: as per the usual the Free Council rebels against authority or structure, however they recognize the need to convene, and so they have established meeting places in Pubs and common rooms across the world. these can be hard to find, but the seeking Mage must locate the sign with their Lamen upon an apple. In most cases the word Apple will appear in the name.

The Silver Ladder: As they often like to keep an eye on the ruler of a region, the Silver Ladder is never far from politics. Since Silver is a currency, the Silver Ladder always posts up at the center for Tax Collection.

The Adamantine Arrow: these warrior mages like to congregate to train and duel arcane. They always pick a Stronghold of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre as most mercenaries will not attend these buildings.


Mysterium of Hamburg: Eclecta Monestary, led by Moros Mage Mikus the Meek

Guardians of the Veil: The Cathedral of St. Honorus run by Anno the Pure

The Free Council of Hamburg: The Hearty Apple Pub where a Free Council Mage meets Sartorius the Strange

The Silver Ladder: The storehouse of Hamburg, led by Draken the Bold

The Adamntine Arrow of Hamburg: Castle of the Sepulchre, Archibald the Cleaver

Orders of the 11th Century

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