The Seers of Bavaria

Consilium Sanctus Empricus Romulus "S.E.R." or "The Seers of Bavaria"


The Sailian Family has been charged by the Vatican to Rule over the Holy Roman Empire, and the Mages of the Region have taken it upon themselves to guide the Awakened in the known World. It is important to note that during this time there are what are called the “Consilii Epicus” which are the Arch-Consilium of a region of the world. They are as follows:

Holy Roman Empire: The Seers of Bavaria (Hamburg)
France: The Gaelic Gods (Paris)
Middle East: The Adonai (of the Fertile Crescent) (Babylon)
the Far East: The Tianzhu (Shanghai)
Africa: the Eshu (Cairo)
Byzantine Empire: Theodidaktos (Bhudapest)

It is worth noting that not all the other Consilium in a region may not bow to or give authority to these Consilii Epicus. However once open warfare is possible, they tend to bend the knee.

Legend has it that of course there are “The Secret Chiefs” that rule from the mythical city of Shambala that guide all Mages of the Fallen World.


The Seers of Bavaria:
The Heirarch: Sigmund the Ancient (Mastigos Silver Ladder)
The Councilors:
Gwythana the Graceful (Acanthus Guardian of the Veil)
Hagelfirth the Northman (Thyrsus Adamantine Arrow)
Gottbart the Boatman (Moros Mysterium)
Kaiser the Cunning (Obrimos Silver Ladder)
The Herald: Sagefeld the Wise (Mastigos Silver Ladder)
Provost to Gwythana: Lysa the Loremaster (Acanthus Mysterium)
Provost to Hagelfirth: Athbart the Frozen (Thyrsus Adamantine Arrow)
Provost to Gottbart: Tamarand the Mute (Moros Mysterium)
Provost to Kaiser: Xander the Prophet (Obrimos Guardian of the Veil)
Arch-Sentinel: Waldorf the Wailer (Obrimos Adamantine Arrow)
Under Sentinel: Beatrix the Butcher (Thyrsus Free Council)

The Seers of Bavaria

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