Mage: the Dark Ages

The Ascension of Pope Gregory VII
The Crusades Begin

Our party begins in Florence Italy, where they see that there are three particular groups of mages. One is that of the European mages, one are Spanish Moors, and the last high-level mages of the Golden Rose.

Once within the city they do some minor exploring before settling for a feast with Duke Mostolio. At the feast the Duke and Henry IV hit it off quite nicely although the Duke is unwilling to stand against the Vatican. Then as the madame Curatello and the Lord Fiskus arrive. The Duke withdraws from the feast hall, and the three mate groups attack each other, as well as the two vampire groups going at it. Our party is not directly assaulted, but never ones to standby and wait to be destroyed, they go on the aggressive not only doing such things as hurtling an entire group of mages 30,000 feet into the air, but summoning dire wolves, and of course The queen of the bleeding hearts moves around the room exploding chests in fiery chaos!

It’s onto Rome where the party is for us to camp outside of the city.The arch Bishop Rowan uses his clout to enter the city where our party is able to scout and finally join their guilds. They meet the Lord commander of the Roman Marcus Graekus, in which Heinrich the fierce learns his soft spots to exploit. Jonas then acquires A beautiful Palazzo, and invites him to a dinner. With the help of Seivana they tell him the truth about Alexander and Nicholas and he agrees to backing Henry.

All parties entered the city when Marcus opens the gate and march into Vatican City and St. Peter’s Square. Pope Alexander has a last moment of defiance which sadly cost the life of a cardinal. Marcus then beheads Hope Alexander in front of the gathered masses and Archbishop Renaldi convenes the College of Cardinals. Nicholas is to ill and feeble to resume his post, so Renaldi wins the vote for next pope, and names himself Pope Gregory the seventh. His first act is to call for a Crusades and liberation of the holy lands and Jerusalem from the Saracens. Our party decides to go on the Crusades as opposed to sailing back with Henry to win his crown as Emperor.


The Wyrd of Lichtenstein

Our party starts out in Lichtenstein where is strange things are afoot. The Duke Walther has allowed an ancient pagan order take over the Vatican holdings. The queen of the bleeding heart runs the Augustine chapel. Our party explores the Queen and the orgy that takes place outside and in the Square. A group of troubadours graces the Duke and the crowd with whimsical music. The queen confronts our party and they see that she is a powerful Gentry Lord so they flee.

Next it’s off to Milan where they see that the Duke Tolio has a massive amount of faith and that ArchBishop Francis II is filled with true faith. There is evidence of the God machine everywhere and the mages hide in the astral plane based at the San Dontalli fountain. They meet the mages and see that they are very powerful. So Henry three makes the Duke bend the knee and our party makes for Florcence.

After Florence king Henry will meet the pope and attempt to usurp him.

The Mummy of Munich

Our party begins by traveling from Nuremberg to Munich. In Munich the city seems to flow with life, and people seem happy and seem to live to a very old age. The duchess Esmerelda is in fact a mummy, and Jonas spends much time picking her brain. It also appears as through there is no Bishop in the city.

After some investigation it is also discovered that a Vampire lord named Lathan dwells here at the Castle Sanguine.

Our party also is called out by the Knights of the Olive Branch, in which the dwarf Heinrich the Fierce battles their Champion. Even with the aid of Jonas’ space wards Heinrich barely escapes with his life.

At a later feast Henry IV sees all the power players, and our party decided to just leave things as they are.

Back at camp, a Promethean named Gesseppi and his Qashmallim Aid Ken’el mess around with Seivana’s revenant. Ever one to jump into the fray, Seivana attacks and Ken’el nearly decimates her before Archbishop Rowan d’Barge intervenes.

The camp pulls up and makes way to Lichtenstein where strange “Wyrd” things are at play…

Dark incidents at Hannover

Our party begins at Castle Hammaburg where Henry IV throws a celebration for the Unsterblichen thanking them for the return of the bones of Henry III, the overthrow of the corrupt Archbishop of Bodfeld, the rescue of Agnes and Pope Nocholas II, the toppling of the Duke of Reinfelden, and the revealing of the corruption of Count Adelbert.

At this party, Jonas runs afoul of Lord Valefor of the Lords in White Capes. After meeting the Consilium of Hamburg and Heirarch Sigmund the Ancient, Jonas and Valefor battle in the Dual Arcane in which Valefor proved Jonas to have spoken against the Consilium and the Lords in White Capes.

Henry IV wishes to confront Pope Alexander II in Rome, and so the party departs on a long journey South, wherein Henry will gather fealty from his vassals along the way.

First stop is in Hannover where Duke Lunstol stalls the party from meeting Archbishop Ruthvolt until nightfall. Odd things are at play here as a group of Hunters are residing at the Star Bright Pub, and a young boy named Unther Gustavson performs miracles of healing at the town square. Rowan d’Barge gives wealth to Unther so he can attend learnings from the Vatican in Rome.

During the evening feast, our party believes that the Archbishop and his 3 priests are Vampires, but before they can act, the Hunters strike. Chaos erupts, and the Hunters are taken out. After some interrogations by Seivana, the truth of the Archbishops Vampire nature is reviewed. In a crafty assault of force and Teleportation, he is destroyed in the sunlight.

Henry applauds the efforts of this corruption and named his own Archbishop, a move that will influence the centuries to follow in what is called the “Investiture Controversy”.

The next stop for our party is Nuremberg, where they have had some less than favorable run ins with the local Consilium…

The Unsterblichen Ride!!!

Our party gathers at Bergedorf Castle in Hamburg where Rechbercht puts them through trials of blade, the Duel Arcane, and mob warfare. They are introduced to their squires, then name themselves the Unsterblichten, the Inmortals. They choose the serpent eating its tail in gold upon a red standard, and the motto of exceeding cruelty.

They then meet Henry IV and he knights all of them. They then are charged with helping Henry secure the title of Holy Roman Emperor. The first task is to collect the body of Henry III from Bodfeld.

Off to Bodfeld where they learn that Bishop Bastionne has executed Duke Thalen. The Bishop is an Obrimos who has partnered with a Ventrue. Our party works with Neiman the Wolf, and the rebels of the woods to go to war with the Bishop and the Knights of the Bloody Cross. With some space magic our party teleports into the Ageltherp Abbey basement and has at the guards and slumbering Ventrue. After much conflict they destroy the vampire. Above they encounter Vasix the Ghoul and the Bishop. Rowan d’Barge undermines every move of the Bishop, and Jonas convinces Sir Marcus of the Bloody Cross to join their cause. Finally all is well in Bodfeld, and with the body they place Henry III to rest in Speyer.

From Speyer they travel to Nuremberg where they make a deal with Yosef Ben Sael to off their jewels in exchange for Gold Marks. They also encounter the Mage Consilium of Nuremberg that is at odds with the Hamburg mages.

Henry charges the party with reclaiming his mother Agnes from Reinfelden in The Swiss Alps. After much distraction they overthrow Duke Randolph and claim Agnes and her daughter Matilda, along with someone who appears to be an aged Pope Nicholas II.

Henry is most pleased, and it comes to light that Adelbert is planning a coup. Our party must now make the long journey to Rome to confront Pope Alexander II…

From Humble Beginnings to a Call to Arms

Your party has been called to Hamburg, each of you requested by Anno the Just to serve Henry IV, a position that gains you both worldly prestige, and the chance to learn from one of the most Notable Mages around.

The King rules out of Hammaburg Castle, whilst you station at Castle Bergedorf. Anno introduces your Cabal. You must come together to create your Knightly Purpose (mission statement), Coat of Arms, and Name. Each of you are assigned a squire, and training with Anno or Rechbercht begins. You learn much, though these days are long and hard. Some find their way into the city pubs at night, others into brothers, some into the Librum, and yet others to the Cathedral.

Once ready you will be welcomed at Court. However tragedy strikes! It seems as though Adelbert has kidnapped Empress Agnes. Henry and Anno will try diplomacy, while your party will move in secret to seek the truth, and if possible, rescue Agnes…


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