The year is 1065CE, and a young 15 year old boy named Heinrich sits in the throne in Hamburg. His advisor Anno the Just has gathered a court of the most powerful Knights and warriors from across the lands. These Knights are unique, for they are the Awakened, Mages who have convened to decide the fate of Europe.

Heinrich is young, but highly ambitious. He seeks to unite the Germanic lands, to topple the Papacy, and to be named The Holy Roman Emperor. He has also received a vision of reclaiming the Holy Lands as a grown man.

Our party is composed of young Mages who have awakened from various cities across the World. Mages once had a prominent role in the world, but with threats from 2 Papal Armies, and many a Lord believing them to be evil, they must be diligent to keep their powers secret. Anno the Just has called court to Hamburg for the Mages who are of Noble Birth, of the Knighthood, or tested in the True Battle. Our party is amongst those chosen and summoned to Hamburg. Anno assigns Cabals to work as Knightly Orders. You must choose your aim and your purpose, you must pledge your swords to the resurgence of the Awakened, and you must pledge yourselves to the cause of overthrowing the Ministers of Darkness and Ignorance.

Can you heed the call? Can you overcome your fear to embrace your Destiny?

Mage: the Dark Ages

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