Gretchen the Gladius

squire to Adam


Gretchen was born on the outskirts of Hamburg. During a Saxon raid, her parents were killed and she was taken captive by the raider Harthran the Hammer. Those were dark years for Gretchen. She became a shield maiden, wielding the ancient Roman weapons the Saxon had passed down for generations. In a raid to the North by Adelbert, Gretchen was reclaimed and sent to the Nunnery of Anno to cleanse her of the evils done to her. Anno however discovered quickly her fighting prowess, and has thus paired her with Seivana the Death Knight since both shared a similar background.

Gretchens specialties are:
academics: Saxon & Viking culture
survival: tracking
weaponry: roman blades

she wields a gladius at skill level 3


Gretchen the Gladius

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