Hugh de Rouge

squire to Zack


Hugh was born to a family of merchant guardians. Both of his grandfathers, his father, and his 4 brothers helped move goods from Paris to Bhudapest in what was called “The Vine Caravan” that moved French Wines to Eastern Europe. Unfortunately brigands robbed a train, and everyone but Hugh and Lancel the Vineherd were killed. Hugh was kept in a dungeon until he became a Castle Guardsman for Lord Vladislov. In a meeting with the emissaries of the Holy Roman Emperor, Hugh was given back to the west. Anno took him in, returning him to Hamburg to serve as a protector to Henry IV. However, Hugh’s fits of rage called the “Red Anger” made him unfit to serve around Nobility. Anno decided to use his skills as a travelling squire in dark company.

Hugh has specialties in:
streetwise: caravan guardianship
Politics: bypassing authority
Stealth: hiding caravan movement

Hugh wields a battleaxe at skill level 3


Hugh de Rouge

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