Jonas Manzke

Mastigos Mysterium


Jonas Manzke, hailing from the small Germanic town of Göttingen, was first noticed for his strength as a boy. Receiving very little formal training in combat he spent much of his time on athletic endeavors, using his strength as an advantage. Standing at 6’4" and 245 lbs, he was an imposing figure by the age of 15. While strong and physical, he often would lose to the more skilled boys in combat training. Jonas was just too slow and clumsy to compete by that time.

Later that same year, prior to his 15th birthday, Jonas started having increasingly severe nightmares, viewing images that seemed to be out of legend or horror. He started to feel that he was always surrounded by something and hearing voices. Shortly thereafter strange things started to happen around him and he started to see strange “lines of energy” in various places. This caused much alarm in Göttingen and Jonas was captured and committed. He was later visited by a local spiritual adviser who recognized Jonas very quickly as one of the Awakened. The locals in Göttingen were relieved when he was taken away for training.

Jonas studied the arts in the Rome, quickly learning the language and impressing some of the local Mastigos. Once his initial training was complete he joined the Mysterium and was sent to apprentice with Mysterium mages in Paris. Jonas once again quickly picked up the language and was seen as a promising protector of the mysteries.

Jonas was sent to the French countryside to study at a secretive Mysterium site, further increasing his occult knowledge. One night a group of adventures stumbled upon the site and attacked for the valuable artifacts stored inside. With only Jonas and two other mages, they were quickly pushed back to the inner chambers. The fight progressed until it was only young Jonas and veteran swordsman who clearly outmatched Jonas. Jonas stood his ground and was cut down with a slash to the face, costing him his eye and a major scar. While the scoundrel was preparing to depart, Jonas regained consciousness and flung a magical attack, killing the invader.

Jonas’ standing in the Mysterium increased that day.

Now Jonas has heard of the quest in his Germanic homeland where mages can make a difference and perhaps help to topple the papacy. The Mysterium has another agenda: Jonas will look for secrets to uncover and catalog along the way…




Teleport (Space 4)
Ranged Blow (Space 3)
Mage Site (Space 1)

Jonas Manzke

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