Soleil the Secretive

squire to Jason


Soleil grew up in a small village north of Milan. Her family was hard up and sold her into a brothel in Milan where she learned the 10 moves of the Graced Concubine. When she was 15 she managed to escape, and snuck her way into the Nunnery. For the next few years she trained in secret as a weapons master, and after moving to Hamburg, Rechbercht traded sexual favors for her training as a squire. Anno found out and made Soleil a full fledged squire, now she has the freedom to grow she has always desired.

Soleil’s skill specialties are:
Medicine: human sexual pleasure centers
subterfuge: blending in
streetwise: brothels

Soleil wields a pair of hidden daggers at skill level 3


Soleil the Secretive

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