Mage: the Dark Ages

The Ascension of Pope Gregory VII

The Crusades Begin

Our party begins in Florence Italy, where they see that there are three particular groups of mages. One is that of the European mages, one are Spanish Moors, and the last high-level mages of the Golden Rose.

Once within the city they do some minor exploring before settling for a feast with Duke Mostolio. At the feast the Duke and Henry IV hit it off quite nicely although the Duke is unwilling to stand against the Vatican. Then as the madame Curatello and the Lord Fiskus arrive. The Duke withdraws from the feast hall, and the three mate groups attack each other, as well as the two vampire groups going at it. Our party is not directly assaulted, but never ones to standby and wait to be destroyed, they go on the aggressive not only doing such things as hurtling an entire group of mages 30,000 feet into the air, but summoning dire wolves, and of course The queen of the bleeding hearts moves around the room exploding chests in fiery chaos!

It’s onto Rome where the party is for us to camp outside of the city.The arch Bishop Rowan uses his clout to enter the city where our party is able to scout and finally join their guilds. They meet the Lord commander of the Roman Marcus Graekus, in which Heinrich the fierce learns his soft spots to exploit. Jonas then acquires A beautiful Palazzo, and invites him to a dinner. With the help of Seivana they tell him the truth about Alexander and Nicholas and he agrees to backing Henry.

All parties entered the city when Marcus opens the gate and march into Vatican City and St. Peter’s Square. Pope Alexander has a last moment of defiance which sadly cost the life of a cardinal. Marcus then beheads Hope Alexander in front of the gathered masses and Archbishop Renaldi convenes the College of Cardinals. Nicholas is to ill and feeble to resume his post, so Renaldi wins the vote for next pope, and names himself Pope Gregory the seventh. His first act is to call for a Crusades and liberation of the holy lands and Jerusalem from the Saracens. Our party decides to go on the Crusades as opposed to sailing back with Henry to win his crown as Emperor.



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